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5 Things To Look Out For At Nail Salons

1. Make sure the nail salon is licensed to sterilize their instruments and be sure that the instruments are as clean as possible. Find your salon at to check their certifications.

2. Make sure sterilized equipment are put into an autoclave. At the very least, equipment should be removed from sterile packaging in front of you. If it isn’t, don’t be afraid to speak up.

3. Leave your cuticles alone. Cuticles grow to protect us from bacteria. Ask your manicurist to push your cuticles back instead.

4. The pedi tubs are a potential germ farm of trapped dead skin. Make sure your salon uses a new plastic covering after each appointment. Also, avoid salons that use jets in their tubs, as these can be filled with bacteria if not routinely cleaned.

5. Be aware of salons that use community nail polish. Reusing the same nail brush can spread fungus and bacteria from person to person. Worst case, bring your own nail polish or purchase a new bottle at the salon.

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Mark Forman, DPM, M.B.A, F.A.P.W.C.A.

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